How Making A Vision Board Will Help You Smash Your Goals This Year

It’s a New Year.. Yay! I am so excited about 2018. I have so many personal goals I will be working on this year as well as so many things planned for this blog. While my first instinct is to jump into the new year and my goals head first, I am doing things a little differently this year. I wrote a post about why I’m not setting New Year’s Resolutions this year, you can read it  HERE. 

So… no New Year’s Resolutions for me.  I still really like the idea of sitting down and thinking about the previous year as well as dreaming about the future one. I knew I wanted to make a vision board this year. I originally thought I would make one late one night when all my kids were in bed. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I wanted everyone to make a vision board. I wanted the process of creating a vision board to be a new family tradition on New Year’s Day. In trying to explain vision boards to my children, I realized they first needed to understand what visualization is.


Here is my daughter, Alexa’s vision board. Her goals for the year are to read everyday, work on gymnastics and make her bed.


Visualization is a mental practice. It is the process of creating images in your mind of things you want to manifest. It is similar to meditation, only with more mental activity. When you meditate, you try not to think. When you visualize, you think of all the things in your life you want.  You repeat these images over and over and over in your mind. Your mind has the power to manifest anything. Visualization helps this process.

So What Exactly Is a Vision Board?

Simply put, a vision board is a board you create to display images that represent what you want in your life. Most vision boards have pictures, quotes and affirmations on them.


Here is my vision board for 2018. I will be working on fitness and meditation, eating more greens and reading more books. We are currently in the process of buying a home so that is one there was well. I also have several uplifting quotes as well as daily affirmations.

Why Should I Make A Vision Board?

A vision board will create a space where you can display your visualizations. Placed in an area you will see several times a day, a vision board is a constant reminder of all the things you desire.

Let’s say you start the new year with new goals you are working toward. Well six weeks later, after a rough day at work and an even rougher commute home, you walk in the door, and fall into the couch while searching Netflix for some entertainment to get your mind off the day. You lay there for hours watching mindless TV and forgetting about everything else. You eat dinner, and stumble to bed. You lay in bed thinking about your awful day and dreading tomorrow which is bound to be just as bad.

You did nothing today to help you manifest your dreams.

Now, lets say you come home that same day, rough work, rough commute. You walk in the door and there, right where you can see it, is a vision board. Pictures of your dream vacation cover the board as well as affirmations and positive quotes. You still had a rotten day, but right there in front of your face is a reminder of everything you want in life.  You repeat one of the affirmations out loud to help you get out of your funk. ” There is no positive result through a negative attitude”. You say it over and over until you feel peace start taking over.  Having a vision board helps you clarify and concentrate your focus on your goals.


Here is my one year old, Ezra’s vision board. We obviously helped him although some of the artwork is his 🙂

How Do I Make A Vision Board?

There are no rules to vision boards. You are free to get as creative as you wish.  Most people set goals in different areas of their lives.  Here are some examples

Vision Board Categories

  •  Spiritual
  • Family
  • Career
  • School
  • Personal Growth
  • Travel
  • Financial
  • Health

Gather some supplies. Magazines, glue, poster board, markers, etc. Find pictures, quotes, drawings of things that represent your goals. Add everything to your vision board. Put the vision board somewhere you will see it a lot.

For more tips and ideas on vision boards, follow my pinterest board.




10 thoughts on “How Making A Vision Board Will Help You Smash Your Goals This Year

  1. I love the idea of making a vision board to accomplish goals! I’ve always wanted to make one and never went through with actually making it. May need to do one this year!

  2. Great idea, I love that your kids did them as well. Maybe I can get my kids to work on this today, they have declared it jammie day so we’re not going anywhere anyway. Ha!

  3. Hi Haylee,
    I love this post! Vision boards are a great way to stay focused on your goals. Thanks for showing how to create vision boards and the different categories they can represent. It’s nothing like seeing your goals right in front of your to keep you motivated. Happy New Year!

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