Boxy Charm Product Review

BoxyCharm is by far the best thing that I spend money on every month!! If you haven’t heard of BoxyCharm, it is a monthly makeup subscription service. You pay them $21 a month, and they send you 4 to 5 FULL size makeup and beauty products.

I really love beauty products. So when my friend told me about this service, I signed up right away. I was like a kid waiting for Christmas when I got an email saying my first box was on it’s way. One day the mail came and there it was… my first BoxyCharm box. I ripped it open and honestly felt like it was my birthday. I mean, I got a box full of awesome, brand name beauty items.

I have been subscribing to BoxyCharm for 6 months now and decided to show ya’ll what it is all about.  Here is a picture of my January 2018 BoxyCharm box.


I received 5 products this month. One brow product, a primer, a lip plumper, an eye shadow palette and a bronzer.


it Brow Power


Eyebrows are all the rage right now. I have quite the collection of brow products because I am constantly trying to find the perfect product. I really liked how easily this product went on my eyebrows.

Retail Price:  $24

You can buy it Brow Power HERE


dr brandt Luminizer Primer


This primer went on smoothly and gave me great coverage.

Retail Price: $38

You can buy the primer HERE

PUR Bronze & Brighten


This is a great bronze and highlight kit. I have used it almost everyday since I received it.

Retail Price:  $34

You can find it HERE

Grande Lips Hydrating Lip Plumper


I wasn’t super excited when I opened this box and saw what a dark berry color it was. Turns out, I actually really love it! The product isn’t as dark as I thought and you can layer it to get a darker look. I also loved the way it made my lips tingle.

Retail Price:  $27

You can find it HERE


Crown Glam Metals Eyeshadow Palette


I really like these colors. This is the second big palete I have relieved from BoxyCharm and I just love getting them! Unfortunately, this palete was delivered with one of the colors completely smashed.

Retail Price: 29.99

You can find it HERE




I really enjoyed all of the products in my box this month. The best part about BoxyCharm is you get to try products you may not normally buy. I have had a lot of fun playing around with different makeup looks.  The total retail amount for the products in my box was $152.99! I got all of the products for $21!!!

Join BoxyCharm today by clicking HERE… I promise you won’t regret it!


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