The Cutest Valentines Tradition

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It’s the last week of January and Valentines Day is right around the corner! I will admit, I haven’t always been a fan of Valentines Day. Most years I would put up some cute decorations and help my kids make Valentines and that would pretty much be it for me. Then, I met my friend Tara who is a die-hard when it comes to V-Day. She goes all out decorating her house and celebrating basically as soon as her Christmas comes down. One tradition that she does with her kids that I have stolen and completely fallen in love with is something I like to call ‘The 14 Days of Love Notes’.


The 14 Days of Love Notes

I bought these darling mailbox chairbackers from Pottery Barn. You could also make your own very inexpensively.  Mine have my children’s names on them, but that isn’t necessary. I get them out right before February and place one on each chair at our table. Then every morning starting on Febraury first and ending on Valentines Day, my kids wake up and check their mailboxes. In them, I have left a little love note, treat or toy.



I don’t spend a ton of money doing this. I love to go through Target’s dollar section and find little gifts. I also scroll through Pinterest to find cute sayings or ideas. The idea isn’t to make it about the gifts but about the love we have for each other. I encourage my kids to leave notes in each others mailboxes throughout the month as well.


My kids absolutely love this tradition. I really wish I would have ordered myself and my husband one as well because I want some love notes.. haha! Maybe next year I will do that. What are some of your Valentines traditions?


You can find the Chairbackers I have HERE




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