Water Fasting to Help Enter Ketosis Quickly

Water fasting is a great way to help your body enter into ketosis quickly. The quicker you can get your body into ketosis, the quicker your body starts burning fat as fuel. Every year, I do a water fast for a few days to reboot my system. You can read about the benefits of water fasting on this post I wrote last year.

Why A Water Fast

I wanted to restart my keto lifestyle right after Christmas. I really loved the way I felt while eating keto. The first time I started eating keto, it took my body about five days to enter ketosis. I used these strips to monitor my ketone levels. I wanted to get into ketosis quickly so my cravings for carbs wouldn’t be an issue. I have read so many wonderful things about water fasts and have the goal to do a big water fast every year. A water fast is a sure fire way to get into ketosis quickly.

I decided to share my water fasting journey day by day with everyone this year. If you decide you want to do a water fast, please check with your doctor before hand and have a doctor monitor you all the way through a fast. Water fasts can be very safe if done correctly. Water fasts are not for weight loss. You will of course lose a little bit of weight while not eating but it will return once you begin eating again.

Day 1 of My Water Fast

“Today really hasn’t been too bad. I slept late which always helps me eat less. I woke up and drank some water and kept busy most of the day. I was hungry most of the day but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t deal with. I tried to drink when i was thirsty but didn’t pay much attention to how much water I was drinking. It is very important to listen to your body during a water fast. I tried to avoid the kitchen. My head started to hurt a little bit before bed but wasn’t a full flown headache. I went to bed really early, I was tired and hungry and sleep sounded delightful. I actually didn’t sleep well the first night at all, I had very strange dreams throughout the night. “

I will be back tomorrow with another water fast update! Has anyone ever done a water fast? I would love to hear about your experience!

XO- Haylee

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