Water Fasting to Help Enter Ketosis Quickly

Water fasting is a great way to help your body enter into ketosis quickly. The quicker you can get your body into ketosis, the quicker your body starts burning fat as fuel. Every year, I do a water fast for a few days to reboot my system. You can read about the benefits of water fasting on this post I wrote last year.

Why A Water Fast

I wanted to restart my keto lifestyle right after Christmas. I really loved the way I felt while eating keto. The first time I started eating keto, it took my body about five days to enter ketosis. I used these strips to monitor my ketone levels. I wanted to get into ketosis quickly so my cravings for carbs wouldn’t be an issue. I have read so many wonderful things about water fasts and have the goal to do a big water fast every year. A water fast is a sure fire way to get into ketosis quickly.

I decided to share my water fasting journey day by day with everyone this year. If you decide you want to do a water fast, please check with your doctor before hand and have a doctor monitor you all the way through a fast. Water fasts can be very safe if done correctly. Water fasts are not for weight loss. You will of course lose a little bit of weight while not eating but it will return once you begin eating again.

Day 1 of My Water Fast

“Today really hasn’t been too bad. I slept late which always helps me eat less. I woke up and drank some water and kept busy most of the day. I was hungry most of the day but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t deal with. I tried to drink when i was thirsty but didn’t pay much attention to how much water I was drinking. It is very important to listen to your body during a water fast. I tried to avoid the kitchen. My head started to hurt a little bit before bed but wasn’t a full flown headache. I went to bed really early, I was tired and hungry and sleep sounded delightful. I actually didn’t sleep well the first night at all, I had very strange dreams throughout the night. “

I will be back tomorrow with another water fast update! Has anyone ever done a water fast? I would love to hear about your experience!

XO- Haylee

IncrediBundles Diaper Subscription

I was gifted this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you, Incredibundles, for supporting this blog.

This summer has felt like baby season. Right now, I have four baby shower invitations on my fridge. I love shopping for baby products. Everything is so small. Everything is so soft.  I want to buy it all.  As a mother of four, I know that the best baby shower gift you will ever get is diapers. Let’s be real, every baby needs them, and they are by far one of the most useful baby gifts you can give.

This is where IncrediBundles comes in! IncrediBundles is an online company that has the best baby shower gifts around. They have different bundles to choose from. You can get a Toy Bundle, or a Book Bundle, Sleep or even a Bath Bundle. You also have the option to create your own Custom Bundle.

By far, my favorite product they offer is the Diaper Subscription, although they also have a Wipes Subscription that comes in a close second.

Whether you are ordering for yourself or a friend, ordering is quick and easy and your order will be shipped right to your front door.


To order, go to their website IncrediBundles.com.

YOU select the subscription length {3,6,9 or 12 month diaper subscription)

IncrediBundles will send out an announcement package.

Guys, this package is adorable! It contains a reusable storage container, which is perfect for storing diapers, wipes or even toys. A premium quality teddy bear, which is the softest teddy bear you have ever felt. It will come with a few diapers and a certificate for the parents-to-be to redeem their gift.



I really love this gift idea because the parents can decide which brand and size of diapers they would like, and they are delivered right to their door.


IncrediBundles sent me a Welcome Package, to review.   I was able to look through the package as well as get online and place an order with the certificate that was included. The website was extremely easy to navigate and it took me maybe a total of five minutes to go through the process.

  • You simply register and create an account.
  • Once the account is created, click on the diaper bundle.
  • Put in the activation code and order number.

TaDa! A few simple steps and you have just ordered the best baby shower gift of all time!



Giveaway Time!!!

I have teamed up with IncrediBundles to giveaway a 3-month diaper subscription!!! THREE MONTHS!!! How amazing is that?!?

To enter for a chance to win, follow these steps

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The winner will be chosen June 25th

Good Luck!



Do I Like My Child’s Teacher? Not Really.


I knew my sweet little Max would have a hard time transitioning into a full-time student his  kindergarten year. He was the kind of kid who loved arts and crafts, sports and games. Sitting still and being quiet was not his thing. Being told he was doing something wrong hurt his feelings, which in turn made him angry. The entire summer before school started I worried.

The school year started and I signed up to be the room mom  hoping my constant  presence in the classroom would help him. I tried everything I knew how to do to help him like school. I read all the books. I read all the blogs. I asked advice from my friends. Nothing seemed to help.

A typical day in the life of kindergarten Max went something like this:

I would try to get him dressed for school, but he would hide under his bed, just out of my reach. I would beg and plead and bribe him to get dressed. I would go to the kitchen to get his backpack and down the stairs Max would come with his pajamas back on. Some days he said he hated school and didn’t want to go. Somedays he pretended he was sick. Everyday was a battle.

He came home from school crying at least once a week saying he had had a bad day. Sometimes I got calls from his teacher saying the same thing.

He had a great teacher. I really liked her and spent so much time in the classroom, we became good friends. Even still, Max struggled.

Summer came and it felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off both of our shoulders. We enjoyed every last drop summer had to offer.  In the back of my mind was the nagging fear of what first grade had in store for us.

The first time we met Mrs. Reiber, was a week before Max started first grade. Max and I went in for a reading assessment…. he cried the entire way there. She is just one of those people who emulates warmth and kindness.  He visibly calmed in her presence. I liked her immediately.

The first day of school came and Max was pretty hesitant to go, but we had no major problems. After school he said his day was “fine”.  The next morning he was dressed and ready for school before breakfast. He never again cried before school. He never again said he hated school.

He came home everyday saying his day had been “really good”. He always told me the funny things Mrs. Reiber did. He told me the books she read to him. One day he came home visibly beaming because Mrs. Reiber had told him that he was a good reader. He was always drawing her pictures or making her cards. Getting homework  done was no longer a fight. He wanted to do his homework and he wanted to do it well, so Mrs Reiber would be proud of him.

At Thanksgiving that year, we went around the table saying things we were thankful for and Max’s response was his teacher. I was thankful for her too.  So thankful.

He grew leaps and bounds his first grade year. He was reading at grade level. He was happier. He loved school. He was excited to learn. He was everything I had tried so hard to help him become.

On the last day of school Max was devastated he wouldn’t get to have Mrs. Reiber as a teacher anymore. He talked about her all summer. That was the summer he started telling me he wanted to be a teacher when he grows up.

Two years later, Alexa is now in Mrs. Reibers class. Same story, different kid. She adores her teacher. She wants to cut her bangs like Mrs Reiber’s . She reads to me at night and holds the book the way Mrs Reiber holds books. Everyday, the first thing out of her mouth is “Mrs Reiber thinks this…” or “Mrs. Reiber does that…”.  She always wears her black shoes because Mrs Reiber said they were cute. One night, I was tucking Alexa into bed and she said ” I love you Mom, but I love Mrs. Reiber too”.

So why would I not like this Mother Teresa of a teacher? Because saying I like her seems too  inadequate of a statement for someone who has had such a deep impact on my children.  I have so much love in my heart for this teacher who taught Max the only thing I have ever truly wanted him to learn… to love school, to love learning and to love himself.

Mrs Reiber,

I stand in awe of you.  You have had the most important job. You have had the hardest job. You have walked the delicate line of mother, teacher, and friend everyday in your classroom.  You have been a nurturer of little spirits. For a year of his life, you were who Max  wanted to share his hopes and dreams with. You were the one he looked up to everyday.  Thank you for your dedication, your passion, your love and your stability. You have inspired thousands over the course of your career. Enjoy your retirement!!




Top 5 Things to Do With Children Who Have Food Allergies

Top 5 Things to Do With Children Who Have Food Allergies

Eleven years ago, I sat at an allergists appointment with my two-year old, and listened as the doctor told us he was severely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. Foreign words like anaphylaxis, Epi-Pens, and emergency action plans were being thrown at me.  I was frozen in fear looking at my sweet toddler and his red, swollen back.  I knew he could never eat peanuts or tree nuts, basically any nut ever again, but other than that, I had no idea what to do.

Over the next few months, checking ingredients on packages became second nature. I knew which brand of chocolate chips I could use and what restaurants were safe. We had Epi-Pens and Benadryl on hand everywhere we went. We educated our family members and babysitters on how to keep Owen safe. I pretty much felt we had this whole food allergy thing under control… and then he started kindergarten.

We live in an amazing school district which happens to be peanut free. Teachers and office staff are trained to administer Epi-Pens. Our Allergist gave us an emergency plan to have in place while Owen was at school. I even bought a book called Allie the Allergic Elephant and had his teacher read it to the class on the first day of school to help educate the children.

Even with all of those safety nets in place, I was still a nervous wreck every time he left the house. Food allergy scenarios flooded my mind constantly…

What if he finds a piece of candy on the playground and eats it and can’t breath?”

“What is something happens on the bus, where there is no Epi-Pen?”

“What if someone eats peanut butter for breakfast and has it on their hands and then touches him?”

The list went on and on. I would literally make sure my phone was within reach at all times while he was at school. One time the school called me (about a PTA matter) and my heart started pounding so hard when I saw the number on my caller ID. I thought something had happened to him.

The elementary school years were rough. Kids would bring treats to school to celebrate their birthdays that he couldn’t have. He would attend birthday parties were they were serving peanut butter cookies. There was even a bout of food allergy bullying.

Looking back, I wish I had a food allergy mom handbook. Ideas, tips, etc to help us along that bumpy road. I gathered together all my top tips for mammas with little ones who have food allergies. I hope this helps.

Top Five Things To Do With Children Who Have Food Allergies


Educate, Educate, Educate

My number one tip is to educate everyone around you. Anyone who comes into contact with your child.  This includes family members, teachers,  neighbors, other parents, bus drivers. EVERYONE knew Owen was allergic to nuts. We practiced with the Epi-Pen trainer. I bought this book and had Owen’s teachers read it to his class on the first day of school so even the children in his classroom were educated. These posters hung on the doors of his classroom. The more people who are aware of the allergy, the safer the child will be.

Epi-Pens Everywhere

Every year, I order two twin packs of Epi Pens (or Epi Pen jr’s when he was small). They cost a small fortune, I know. We keep one at home, one in my purse, his school teacher always has one in her classroom, and the nurse keeps one in her office as well. Before Owen was in school, my Grandma kept one at her house because he was there a lot. In the summer, I would take the Epi-Pens  and give them to neighbors. That way, if Owen was at one of their houses playing, there would be one there as well.

Owen is now is Jr High. He wears a SPIBelt around his waist with an Epi-Pen in it.  This has been a life saver! I remember when he was younger, wondering what in the world we would do when he was a teenager. The SPIBelt is a must!

BYOT {Bring Your Own Treats}

Every since Owen started school, I would make a huge bag of safe treats for him. They included Rice Crispi treats, Cheez-Its, Chips Ahoy, little bags of Skittles, Gold Fish, etc. I would put everything is a huge ziplock bag, write his name on it and give it to the teacher on the first day of school. That was his treat bag for the school year. If anyone brought in treats to celebrate birthdays or even class parties, he got to pick something out of his bag to eat. I knew he would still get a treat, but it was something safe for him to eat.

Always Read Labels

At the beginning of our food allergy journey, I checked and double checked everything he ate. Then, I got to the point where I knew what brands he could and could not eat.  Then, one day, I happened to notice that the label had changed on the plain chocolate Hershey bar. It use to say “Contains Milk”, but now it had a “Processed on equipment that also process almonds”. Suddenly, Hershey bars were no longer on our safe list.

Just remember, ingredients change. Companies change the way things are processed. Always double-check.

Medical Alert Bracelets

I ordered these bracelets in every color.  I also ordered some temporary tattoos. I felt more at ease knowing he never left the house without a medical alert notification of some sort. The bracelets were great because he would wear them all the time, he could switch out the colors if he wanted, and they were soft and didn’t bother him.

I hope some of these tips help all you food allergy mammas out there! Let me know if you have other ideas!

Xo-Haylee Continue reading “Top 5 Things to Do With Children Who Have Food Allergies”

How Making A Vision Board Will Help You Smash Your Goals This Year

How Making A Vision Board Will Help You Smash Your Goals This Year

It’s a New Year.. Yay! I am so excited about 2018. I have so many personal goals I will be working on this year as well as so many things planned for this blog. While my first instinct is to jump into the new year and my goals head first, I am doing things a little differently this year. I wrote a post about why I’m not setting New Year’s Resolutions this year, you can read it  HERE. 

So… no New Year’s Resolutions for me.  I still really like the idea of sitting down and thinking about the previous year as well as dreaming about the future one. I knew I wanted to make a vision board this year. I originally thought I would make one late one night when all my kids were in bed. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I wanted everyone to make a vision board. I wanted the process of creating a vision board to be a new family tradition on New Year’s Day. In trying to explain vision boards to my children, I realized they first needed to understand what visualization is.


Here is my daughter, Alexa’s vision board. Her goals for the year are to read everyday, work on gymnastics and make her bed.


Visualization is a mental practice. It is the process of creating images in your mind of things you want to manifest. It is similar to meditation, only with more mental activity. When you meditate, you try not to think. When you visualize, you think of all the things in your life you want.  You repeat these images over and over and over in your mind. Your mind has the power to manifest anything. Visualization helps this process.

So What Exactly Is a Vision Board?

Simply put, a vision board is a board you create to display images that represent what you want in your life. Most vision boards have pictures, quotes and affirmations on them.


Here is my vision board for 2018. I will be working on fitness and meditation, eating more greens and reading more books. We are currently in the process of buying a home so that is one there was well. I also have several uplifting quotes as well as daily affirmations.

Why Should I Make A Vision Board?

A vision board will create a space where you can display your visualizations. Placed in an area you will see several times a day, a vision board is a constant reminder of all the things you desire.

Let’s say you start the new year with new goals you are working toward. Well six weeks later, after a rough day at work and an even rougher commute home, you walk in the door, and fall into the couch while searching Netflix for some entertainment to get your mind off the day. You lay there for hours watching mindless TV and forgetting about everything else. You eat dinner, and stumble to bed. You lay in bed thinking about your awful day and dreading tomorrow which is bound to be just as bad.

You did nothing today to help you manifest your dreams.

Now, lets say you come home that same day, rough work, rough commute. You walk in the door and there, right where you can see it, is a vision board. Pictures of your dream vacation cover the board as well as affirmations and positive quotes. You still had a rotten day, but right there in front of your face is a reminder of everything you want in life.  You repeat one of the affirmations out loud to help you get out of your funk. ” There is no positive result through a negative attitude”. You say it over and over until you feel peace start taking over.  Having a vision board helps you clarify and concentrate your focus on your goals.


Here is my one year old, Ezra’s vision board. We obviously helped him although some of the artwork is his 🙂

How Do I Make A Vision Board?

There are no rules to vision boards. You are free to get as creative as you wish.  Most people set goals in different areas of their lives.  Here are some examples

Vision Board Categories

  •  Spiritual
  • Family
  • Career
  • School
  • Personal Growth
  • Travel
  • Financial
  • Health

Gather some supplies. Magazines, glue, poster board, markers, etc. Find pictures, quotes, drawings of things that represent your goals. Add everything to your vision board. Put the vision board somewhere you will see it a lot.

For more tips and ideas on vision boards, follow my pinterest board.




How to Treat Croup in Babies and Toddlers

How to Treat Croup in Babies and Toddlers

Last night, I was awoken by the old familiar barking cough from my baby, Ezra. I cringe when I hear this high-pitched cough. It honestly sounds like someone has replaced your sweet baby with a seal… an angry seal. I went into his room and picked him up and he was burning up.  He had had a slight runny nose before I put him to bed but otherwise has been just fine. Croup usually sneaks up on you like that. With my kids, they seem to be feeling okay and then halfway through the night, I start hearing the cough. It can be very scary to deal with so I rounded up some great information about croup as well as my tips on how to treat croup at home.

*** I am not a doctor and you should always seek medical advise from your pediatrician in you have a sick child. If your child is having a hard time breathing or is blue around the mouth and lips, call 911


What is Croup?

Croup is a viral infection that affects the airway and vocal chords and causes them to swell. It often begins as a typical cold. The more your child coughs, the more irritated the area becomes and soon, the you will notice a loud barking cough. Your child may also develop a hoarse or raspy voice, fever, and noisy breathing.  Croup is more common in fall and early winter. Children under five are more likely to develop croup.

Symptoms of Croup

  • a barking cough (that usually sounds worse at night)
  • hoarse voice
  • labored breathing
  • fever (most of the time


When to Seek Medical Attention

  • if you child makes a noisy, high pitched breathing sound when breathing in or out (doctors call this stridor)
  • your child starts drooling or having a hard time swallowing
  • your child is anxious, agitated, has no energy or is listless
  • your child turns blue or gray around her mouth, nose or fingernails
  • your child struggles to breath


How to Treat Croup at Home

  • keep your child calm and comfortable, if they get worked up, breathing becomes more difficult
  • use a cool mist humidifier  (I use this one) or if it is cold outside, wrap your child up and take them outside for a few minutes and let them breathe in the cold air
  • run a hot shower and let the bathroom steam up and then sit in the bathroom with your child and let them breathe the moist air
  • continually offer your child fluids
  • if you have an older toddler or young child, keeping their head elevated while sleeping will help (Do not elevate the head of a baby)
  • even if my child has a mild case of croup, I always call and talk to the nurse at my pediatricians office. She will let me know what to watch for and answer any questions  I may have
  • you can always take your child in to see the doctor. They can prescribe a steroid to help treat your child.


Good Luck Mama’s. Croup is never fun and can be extremely scary.

When in doubt, see a doctor.


Tis’ the Season!!

Tis’ the Season!!

Hi guys!!!

It is BLACK FRIDAY!!! Yay! The biggest shopping day of the year! I have gotten some awesome deals already today and I haven’t even left the house !

I have been asked so many times where I got the pajamas my kids wore in the Christmas pictures I took of them last year.  I left the links below plus some killer black friday deals!

Utah Portrait and Wedding Photography

Utah Portrait and Wedding PhotographyUtah Portrait and Wedding PhotographyUtah Portrait and Wedding PhotographyUtah Portrait and Wedding PhotographyUtah Portrait and Wedding PhotographyUtah Portrait and Wedding PhotographyUtah Portrait and Wedding PhotographyUtah Portrait and Wedding PhotographyUtah Portrait and Wedding Photography

Owens blue flannel pajamas:  Gap

Alexas gray star pajamas (sold out):  Similar

Max and Ezras stripped pajamams: Burts Bees Baby

Some other amazing black friday deals!!!

50% off EVERYTHING at Gap

Buy 3 get 3 free at Bath and Body Works

Up to 75% off at Crazy 8

50 % off entire purchase at Old Navy


I got Alexa tons of clothes at Crazy 8!!! GO THERE NOW! Thank me later 🙂


What to Wear Wednesday {Family Pictures}

Welcome to my first What to Wear Wednesday segment… sort of. I started What to Wear Wednesday over on my photography blog  back in 2013 to help my clients come up with idea’s for what to wear for family pictures. It was a question I got asked a lot so I came up with color palettes and inspiration posts to help. I have decided to continue What to Wear Wednesday on the new blog.

Family picture season is still in full force here in Utah so I decided to do a post on how to pick out outfits for family pictures. {I will preface this post by saying we were in the mountains in late November and it was COLD! So freezing cold and my kids just look miserable in some of these}


Rules for picking out outfits for family pictures

Coordinate outfits but don’t be too matchy matchy

Make sure everyone is in something they feel comfortable in… if you are uncomfortable in life, that translates to the pictures

Don’t go crazy with colors & patterns

Add a few pops of color to your general  color scheme

Use layers & accessories

                  {Outfit details below}


hayleeandco5hayleeandco4hayleeandco3hayleeandco2hayleeandco1hayleeandcoOutfit Details

Haylee: {Top, jeans, boots}

Scott: {Sweater (similar), Jeans}

Owen: { Shirt, T-Shirt, Jeans}

Max: {Jeans, Shirt, Vest}

Alexa: { Shirt, Vest, Leggings, Boots}


Enjoy your Wednesday friends!!! Thanks for stopping by!